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Visiting consultations for minimum of 1 hour,  for  

$100, then $80 an hour for every hour after that,

 within the south east of Queensland.


In this  hour I will show you just how easily I can save

you many hundreds of dollars, quickly and easily by

using natural, no cost or alternative methods of pest ,

weed and disease control. 

I will give you so many very valuable hints and tips that

will change your attitude to gardening forever, as I

explain things in the simplest and easiest and most

plain straight talking ways possible, so you can see how

simple and easy it really can be.

All the best things I teach and tell you will be

recorded in your own little personalised garden book

for you to keep, refer back to and add to.

I can guarantee by the end of an hour, you will know it 

was the best $100 you ever spent on you garden and

your health ever.

Just call me on  0406 166 222   to book an

appointment, and I will come and see you.


My hourly rates are not expensive,  just pick up the yellow pages and call the other consultants and you will see I am cheaper, because you only get what you pay for with them, and they charge $100 to $150 an hour and more !  and they will often leave you feeling confused and thinking its all still too hard or expensive, or they try to sell you other products or services. 

I can guarantee a far better service than anyone else,  because I CARE, and I have a HUGE wealth of knowledge, that I can translate to you in plain simple and easy to understand straight talk.

I DO NOT ever try to sell you products or other services,  my main aim is to save you money, while making you healthier.

I am NOT looking for repeat business from you, as one visit should be enough for you to learn what you need to know, and your welcome to call me for further phone advice after that,   what I  DO want is for you to refer me to your friends,  so I can help them too. 

Just remember. . . . whatever we grow in our own backyard is going to be healthier, organic and FREE !

Also with my help and advice,  it will be far far less work and effort you may think it will take.

So . . . . . . my service to you,  will over time MAKE you

healthier as well as saving or MAKING you money,

while improving the value of your property